The American tax system is one of the most complex tax systems out there, For American citizens, even for many citizens living outside of The United States, it's unavoidable. With tax laws, limits, brackets, rates and deductions changing every year, it can quite a hassle to keep up with everything. Having your tax filings professionally prepared each year might help you make sure you've recorded everything correctly and taken all the deductions for which you're eligible, but what about ensuring you make the best decisions before tax time? Should you choose a Roth or a traditional 401k or IRA? How much money would you save by getting married in December of this year as opposed to January next year? Questions that depend on individual circumstances can be hard questions to answer, but luckily is here to help you figure those things out.

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Your actual payment to the IRS can depend on thousands of factors, but this simple tool should give most people a pretty accurate estimate of how much of their money is straight to going to Uncle Sam.

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Quick Facts

Last year (2015), the average tax refund was almost $3,000.
Failing to file an income tax return by April 15 can trigger a costly failure to file penalty.
The average taxpayer's federal tax rate in 2015 was about 21%.

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